Introduction To Patchwork Programme

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What Is The Introduction To Patchwork Programme?

A step-by-step online video programme with live support that teaches beginners in patchwork and quilting how to complete your first project - even if you’re feeling completely overwhelmed and confused and have NO idea where to start. 

This programme has THREE “do it with me” teaching courses where you can imagine I’m right by your side. We are doing this together so that you build your skills and confidence.

“I was extremely nervous, both with cutting the material and the sewing. I needn't have worried. Kim's videos are so clear and concise. I did it along with the videos and found it easier that I had imagined it would be. I made a few mistakes along the way, but Kim's explanations and tips put me right. I have never used a sewing machine before, so if I can do this anyone can. I enjoyed the project so much that I am going to make more. If you are hesitating - don't - it's great. I have now got the bug!” 
Dawn - Oct 2021

Are you a complete beginner at patchwork and quilting who has been overwhelmed by all the different workshops, courses and projects available, doesn’t know where to start and is struggling to find an easy, simple project to get started with?

What if there was a proven and simple step by step process created for you to learn the basics of patchwork in your own time from the comfort of your own home with a tutor willing to take you by the hand and show every step of the way, including what to do to avoid mistakes and what to do when they do happen?

What if that tutor shared all her little tricks, tips and hacks to help you know what you don’t know and make your sewing so much easier and less frustrating? Better still, what if that tutor was also available LIVE for you to ask questions of at a touch of a button?

Would you be ready to finally get started in patchwork and quilting and be proud and delighted to make your first patchwork project with ease, simplicity and confidence in just a few hours without all that overwhelm and being put off by all those quilters who you think are all so talented? (And you will soon be able to join them)

  • THREE courses with TWO different patchwork techniques, PLUS a variation, over three cushions;
  • How to choose your fabric;
  • What equipment you need (and what you DON’T need to buy so watch this video first before you get anything);
  • ​How to measure your fabric using a quilting ruler;
  • ​How to use a rotary cutter safely and with perfect cutting every time (there’s a knack to holding it and I’ll show you that);
  • ​How to cut your fabric every single time efficiently and accurately;
  • ​How to sew both quarter inch seams AND scant quarter inch seams;
  • ​How to perfectly match your seams (watch out for my secret hack);
  • ​What a ‘block’ is;
  • ​How to avoid getting your blocks mixed up on all patterns;
  • ​My top tip for perfect top stitching;
  • ​How to put in a zip with my extra bonus course.

Where Do Beginners Go Wrong?

Years ago, when I started in patchwork and quilting, I signed up to a year long course that cost a FORTUNE in course fees AND fabric. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole process; it was TOO MUCH. Over ten years on and I still haven’t finished that first quilt! I didn’t know what I was doing (not really), didn’t know what I was going to do with it, and didn’t know if I was going to be any good at this new hobby.

What I wanted was to make and complete one simple project at a time so that I could build my skills and confidence until I felt ready to tackle a big quilt.

And my guess is that’s what you want too?

When you’ve been asking “what’s an easy beginner project” or “how do I get started?” someone somewhere told you that “this is an easy beginner quilt” or “just make a log cabin quilt; that’s easy to start with”, or “sign up to this sampler quilt course”.

Except those projects are FAR TOO BIG to complete for absolute beginners.

There are lots of skills to acquire in a whole quilt, not to mention they’re big to handle.

There are also lots of things that can go wrong when you’re making a full sized quilt (even a baby quilt) which can be mega frustrating when you haven’t come across them before.

You need to acquire those skills in an easy and fun way, and you need to know how to avoid and handle the potential issues – but not all in one go; that can be so frustrating and will result in you never completing your quilt project...which means a waste of your time at your machine and a waste of money buying all that fabric and other supplies.

I want you to LOVE patchwork and quilting, just like Olwen and Sally do below:

Who Am I To Be Teaching You This?

Hi! I’m Kim. I’m a mum to two teenagers, soon to be wife (second time around), a cat lover, love pottering in our garden and enjoy country walks on blustery autumn days and then sitting by the fire with tea and cake when we get home.

I’ve been sewing for well over 40 years and when I finally got through that first patchwork and quilting course, I discovered that I had a talent for this hobby.

I found the place where I belonged most in the world, and I left my old marketing career (where to be honest, I never felt that I belonged and always felt a bit of a fraud) to begin a completely new career in patchwork and quilting.

I went on to complete and pass my City & Guilds Level 3 in Patchwork and Quilting (Level 4 is next after I get married in a few months’ time), I used to have a physical shop pre-Covid and I now specialise in teaching and giving confidence to beginners in sewing, patchwork and quilting.

I’ve been where you are now, and I will never forget how I felt, which is why I don’t want you to feel that way. It’s why I developed my unique four step programme to take you from compete beginner to confident quilter in a few short months with no overwhelm or confusion at any step along the way.

I’ve taught LOADS of students in-person and I am now delighted to teach students all over the world with this brand new online programme, with all the care and attention, tips and tricks I have shared with my students over the years.

"As a complete beginner I was a little apprehensive on the course especially having it online, a first for me. I can say without a doubt that I needn't have worried at all. The course was brilliant, I learned such a lot. Kim is a great teacher, very supportive and explains really well all the tricks and techniques you need. A great course to start with if you are new to patchwork and quilting. It also really helped me feel more confident about using my sewing machine."

Lynn- July 2021

When you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused and 
don’t where to start with patchwork and quilting 
you need three things:


Ridiculously simple step-by-step instructions to quickly teach you one basic skill at a time so that you can build your skills and confidence without any overwhelm.


A dedicated tutor to not only teach you those all-important skills but to be there to support you, encourage you and give you a “woop woop” at the end when you show off your finished project. 


You need support from your tutor but also support, friendship and encouragement from your fellow students meaning that even when you’re learning from home on your own, you will never be alone.

And that’s exactly what I’m offering in this brand new Introduction To Patchwork programme.

  • THREE full step-by-step video courses with 60 short videos to teach you every step of the way and that you can watch over and over again for as long as you need. (Worth £165)
  • Downloadable fabric and equipment list and written instructions for each course (Worth £45)
  • ​A private Facebook group where you can access me LIVE. Ask your questions, show off your finished cushion (and other makes) and support your fellow students.  (Worth £297)
  • Bonus step-by-step  course on how to insert a zip (Worth £35)
  • ​10% Student Discount from my online shop


You Only Pay:


How Long Will It Take Me?

Most of my students complete this course in a few short hours.  You can easily make this in a day or over a couple of evenings.

“Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved my first patchwork cushion! I really loved doing this and feel so proud of myself. ​​I had never done quilting before but I loved the tutorials and I even had coffee when Kim did! Lol! The videos were so easy to follow and I was super delighted with the outcome. Stick with Kim and you’ll be fine.”  

Lyndsay - Oct 2021

I can’t WAIT for you to join me on the Introduction to Patchwork programme; I’m on a mission to help a thousand people this year get started in this wonderful hobby and find fun, joy and friendship. Will you be one of them?

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

This course has been created specifically to teach you the basic skills of patchwork so that you can get make your first project.

I’m confident that if you work through each video and follow my instructions, and ask questions as necessary in our private Facebook group, you will have at least one completed patchwork cushion that you can be proud of.

I am committed to teaching and helping you to get started in patchwork, and I stand behind that with my 30 day 100% money back guarantee. If after following all the instructions and asking questions in the group, you still can’t make any of the cushions, please email me for a full refund.
Brought To You By Kim O'Rourke - Patchwork and Quilting Tutor 
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